Pancreatic Cancer affects nearly 9000 people annually in the UK

A cause for greatness

In the past, the attention given to this disease has been minimal. Now there are more people talking about the disease, the voices of patients, family, researchers and those of the bereaved.

There is more charity fundraising taking place and more donations and contributions. Please help to raise awareness and raise the profile of Pancreatic Cancer UK and spread the word.

Help to support the cause… The cause for greatness.

Some hard hitting facts about Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer has the worst survival rates of any cancer
Only 3% of patients survive for 5 years Life expectancy
Average survival rate is an average 4-6 months after diagnosis
Pancreatic Cancer only receives 1% of research funding
Every day 22 people die from this cruel disease


In our first year 2014 the Purple Ball of Hope raised over £6,000 and who would have thought we could have topped that but we did! Thanks to YOU, In 2015 we raised a staggering £6065 with more monies pledged. With over 160 guests in attendance at the Village Hotel in Ashton making everything Purple. Auction prizes included a holiday for 2 in Andulucia plus a VIP take that experience. One lucky lady took away a weeks holiday for a family of four in France for £20!! In the following years we raised our game and reached our target of £25,000 in four years instead of the five we had given ourselves. 

2018 took us to over 30,346.02 and we are already planning the event for 2019. The entertainment and prizes will be in abundance! 


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